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Update:  April 2017:  It seems hard to believe that it was 6 years ago that I bought my dear little "Zee" car!  But the pictures and datelines don't lie!  Soon after I started taking Videos at the car shows, and them uploading them to You Tube.  So this site is done.  I did have to rescue it from my host that did screw it up, but all is OK now.  I started posting my Vids on You Tube and can be seen by going to "bannerbob33" there.  Thanks for viewing.

Update:  The last car show for 2011

    This was going to be one of the last car shows in the Portland area and was going to be held in the beach city of Yachats, so that meant for a fun drive with an overnight stay.  Our first stop was in the Oregon city of Newport.  Not much had changed there since our last trip some 10 years ago, other than the old Noria water wheel had been removed.  All of the city buildings have murals painted on them.                                                                                                              


     After touring Newport we arrived in Yachats some 30 miles further south and got a motel room on the seashore.     The next morning was the car show. 


Update:  4 September 2011  This summer I have been to 6 or more car shows

    June, July and August have hosted a raft of car outings of one form or another the latest being yesterday in Lake Oswego where the show also showed off the only operable PT boat in the nearby Willamette River.

                                                                                                            The above pictures are of a 1909 Pope auto.  The interesting thing is that the original owner was the great grandfather of the present owner.  He had all of the original sales documents and original licence plates.  A video of the Pope running can be seen at:  1909 Pope running





Update:  22 May 2011  Skool Dayz Cruise-in

    This weeks car show was held in the parking lot of a school that features a full on auto repair shop.  One of the featured Rods has a straight eight Buick engine with 6 Stromberg carburetors, and has quite an impressive sound to it.           And right next to it was a typical "Lakes" racer:              A few of the other rods sharing space in the garage:       

 Out in the lot were more to see:                                                           



Update:  14 May 2011  Papa's Open House and Car Show

    Having just bought my 4th Nissan Z car I took the opportunity to go to the first car show of the season for me.  The event was much more interesting than I had planned on.  Unbeknownst to me, the owners of the Stewart Stiles trucking company where the show was staged had a museum in one of the warehouses on the property, and were having an open house.  I had read the "open house" part of the Ad for the car show, but I didn't expect to see what I saw.  Some 150 plus cars of all venues (except sports cars) filled the warehouse.  First a picture of my newest Z car:      Most of the cars had left the show by the time that I got there, as the remaining cars were spread out all over the large truck parking lot.

                                                                                                              By the time that I had taken these pictures I was ready for one of the hot dogs being offered by the local school group; and for a change, it was a darned good hot dog.  But now came the surprise not expected!  Entering what was once a trucking warehouse one sees all of the walls covered with auto theme murals:                                            And then a nice collection of over 150 various cars from oldies, customs, hot rods and notables:                                                                                                                                                    After OOhing and AAhing for an hour or so, it was time to leave and take a few more pictures of the remaining cars and trucks outside, the first being my first truck, a 1941 Chevy:             After leaving the truck parking lot I saw a stream of 8 Model A Fords turning into a nearby yard and decided to follow.  What I found was another open house, this time a small auto custom shop (also offering free hot dogs).  On display were numerous custom jobs:                                   And a final picture of the last person coming in: 


The following was a continuation of my first car website:

     Today Sunday, April 6th, 2008 I went to what is billed as "The Largest Auto Swap Meet on the West Coast".  Being from SoCal and having spent many trips going to the monthly Pomona Swap meet, I had to challenge that statement.  I have been to the Portland Swap meet  several times in the  past and can say that  yes, maybe it matches the Pomona Swap meet in size, but bigger?  I think that the answer lies in the wording of "swap  meet".  At Pomona a vast  majority of the cars shown there are just for display; car clubs and so on.   Always a huge number of Corvettes, etc.  And this is where the difference lies.  The display here in Portland is not for show, but to sell; everything displayed is for sale!  If one puts it in that context, then I have to agree that is it the largest "Auto Swap Meet on  the West Coast"!   In fact it is even getting bigger.  This year in order to handle the number of vendors it has been necessary to utilize the adjoining acreage of the Portland International Raceway (PIR)!   And that is no small area!  It is amazing to see the volume of old and new parts, pieces of cars, and superbly restored cars here for sale. 

    As is now usual, I took the "35" bus to downtown, and then the "yellow" MAX direct to the EXPO center;  total cost: $0.85 cents all day, round trip!   The parking cost alone at the EXPO is $10.00, let alone the cost of driving,  but then there is one small secret I have found, and that is that if I go in late (like 11 am on Sunday) from the MAX line, I don't have to pay the entrance fee!  (has worked for 2 years in a row)!  It is impossible and not productive to try and take pictures of the entire event.  Actually it would be impossible for one to walk each and every row in a day, and that is not taking into account the tag-along event at the PIR, it is just too big! 

    Here are a few pictures I took while wondering around:       A few notes:  the 50' Ford asking price was over $50,000! but it is "full race"!.  Some of the items for sale, in fact a lot of them were rescued from the Junk Yard.  But somebody will restore them!             Why the picture of the Crosley?   It has a "full race" V8 engine in it!  Didn't see any takers on that one, and why would someone invest so much in such a project?  But then, who am I to say?       Both of these fine restorations were sold and the prices they brought would have bought a house here in Portland 20 years ago!

  A lot of the autos here had CA plates on them which gives one the idea that the trip may have been worth it to sell the car.  Everything on this row has been sold!       

     You may ask why the picture of the 36' Plymouth Sedan?   It was the first car I remember riding in that my parents owned!  And if I had the space to keep it, I might have bought it.  Here is a "pan" picture I took but other than using a helicopter, there is no way to capture the size of the event.

   Of course the sponsors have their websites also:  portlandswapmeet  Here is a list of the major swap meets in the U.S.  meets:

    My little Canon camera also takes video and there was a lot of engine noise all day.  This particular fellow with an old racer tried his best to talk me into buying his car.  Sorry!  *

    On my way back from the EXPO center I was able to get a snap shot video of the PIR show.  It was now later in the day and a lot of the vendors had left, but it gives you a idea of how large the swap meet was.  This is shown on my YouTube website at:


    My final comment is to listen to the voice comments broadcast on the Streetcar audio.  It is in both English and Espanol!  This webpage isn't a commentary on politics but if we have to have two languages on our transportation systems, aren't we missing something here?   Like this is the United States;  we speak English.  Doesn't having the public transportation system broadcast in both English and Spanish encourage the migration of illegals who do not speak our native language? 

Portland Metro

Trick'n Racy Car Show  4/26/09

    This was my first car show to attend since last year this time.  Naturally I took quite a few pictures.  If you double-click the Thumbnail, the picture will come up full screen. Here they are in no particular order:


  6/13/09 Sherwood 25th Car Show:  This Saturday a huge car show was held in Old Town Sherwood, Oregon.  The entire town was blocked to all but foot traffic and there were some 650 estimated cars on exhibit.  Because of the size of the crowd it was difficult to take any pictures, but I tried.   Besides the exhibit of cars, there was a "burn out" contest which drew a large crowd.  I took some pictures of that with my video camera and have loaded them onto "You Tube".

see:  Burn Out Contest




                  My guess is that the Sheriff's car was obtained from a Drug bust.

    The previous week I went to a small show showing small cars.  Not too many, but interesting.          





    Summer 2010 and I have gone to a few of the local shows, the first being the annual cruise-in at the Bomber restaurant.  There was an over flow of show cars so many had to park across the street.                                                                                   It doesn't appear that much visible work has been done on the bomber but the word is that the nose section rebuild is progressing.

     This last set of pictures are from two local cruise-ins.

                     These are at a Les Schwab tire store.  Note the full blown "Henry J"!                                          

    These are from a show and shine in the city of Tualatin.  A beautiful 32' roadster was the first in line.  That was my "go-to-school" car so the 32' has always been my favorite.                                                 


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